Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

I searched flowers and find all the flowers that I played on with my camera in the last 10 years
How I organized 200.000 of my photos using Artificial Intelligence (from 20 local external HDD with images,
working only on my laptop and one empty external HDD) ?
– Navigate,
– Intelligent Upload (keep track of each photo id and URL for future apps),
– Share,
– Sell,
– Create movies,
– Include in apps
– Find faces,
– Detect landmarks, labels

Examples of movies generated link to site

Video of how to navigate, search and filter through pictures link here

Sport Cars from my holidays, found using Artificial Intelligence
Link to Sport Cars

Example of facebook share link here

Example of selling photos on third party stock photo shops
DreamsTime movie 1
DreamsTime movie 2

2 Examples of Google Drive uploaded images
Google Drive uploaded images

Example of app with uploaded to google drive photos (no mouse only mobile or touch screen) link here
(search is in my news database – so do not search yet – you will receive unexpected info)

Examples of generated sites
Pizza dei Miracoli
Flowers site
Sorin holiday site

I had there questions some years ago so I write an app
Questions where
– where are my photos that I did on holiday xxx ?
– which are good and which are blurred ?
– how can I navigate through all of them ?
– how can I upload them to a cloud but keep track of their permanent id and URL in a database ?
After I start using it and I “found” pictures from 10 years ago … what a surprise – see the links 🙂
Artificial Intelligence is here to stay
I searched flowers and find all the flowers that I played on with my camera in the last 10 years

Where is the app ?
Download the app from here

Geneneral Information

Artificial Intelligence is now an inseparable part of our society. Various search engines for example Google use AI, Facebook, Siri, numerous computer games, home automation systems make the use of it. Even that bothersome computerized phone system that everyone hates to talk is some form of AI. Now there are varieties of AI driven Webpages that are capable of designing themselves. There is some form of AI used by Hub pages that automatically scans the hubs prior publishing them on the web. Some self-driving cars employ AI. The concept of Artificial intelligence is yet in its early stage and with passing time it is turning out to be more useful. This technology is mounting at a rapid pace and is about to blow up into our lifestyle at a very high speed.

secret document link How to use Artificial Intelligence

AI can be divided into three levels.
Level 1: ANI – Artificial Narrow Intelligence, it is designed keeping the focus on only one application. For example, the AI used in games or personal assistants or AI used to drive a car. Presently the artificial intelligence that we are employing is undoubtedly extremely useful.
Level 2: AGI – Artificial General Intelligence, it is a form of human level intelligence. This level of is AI will be competent of the equivalent level of intelligence as the smartest human beings.
Level 3: ASI – Artificial Super Intelligence. This form of intelligence will surpass the humans in every way and certainly this is what the AI people are most concerned about. As this form of intelligence is completely on a different level and might turn out uncontrollable. It is also popularly known artificial singular intelligence.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence
At present and the near future.
The artificial intelligence which is designed and we are using today is extremely useful. It is flourishing at dramatic speed as of now. Let’s look at some of the examples.
ANI: This is the phase one of Artificial Intelligence and generally termed as a weak phase.
This stage of artificial intelligence is extremely useful. Facebook, Amazon, Google and others will employ ANI to build the internet much faster and easier to use. The robots they are building and creating and at this stage makes the use of advanced ANI. Specialized form ANI is being used by self-driven cars. Everything that we are using nowadays that incorporates AI is ANI. It is the early stage AI and is growing at a very rapid pace.
Let’s know about some of the ANI applications that we’re using presently.

1.Computer games
AI is being used in variety of computer games. Different games include varying degrees of ANI in their games. For example, The Last of Us, F.E.A.R, XCOM etc.

2. Self-designing webpages
The Grid is a self-designing webpage. It is a webpage building system that employs AI to build itself around the text and images which you can further post.

3. Self-driving cars
Many companies are experimenting on self-driving cars and they will soon be available in the market. For a car to work self-driven it is required to work on the technology of Artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars will prove to be a blessing as there will be no accidents until the car gets malfunctioned.

4. Smart home
Furthermore, our houses will get associated with ANI technology. For example, the Nest system will automatically control air conditioning, heat and also turn on the generator in case of power cut.

Robotics and artificial intelligence
When people talk about artificial intelligence they usually think about robots. AI is being prepared to employ with more than mere robots. The android robots comprise of some or the other kind of AI. In the near future Android robots will have variety uses, as we can now just think of them. At present there are quite a few laboratories and companies around the globe which are constantly working on constructing them. They have produced robots designed as insects, humans as well as animals.
The robots which are designed today employ ANI, but the aim is to make them competent enough for AGI. At human grounds they will turn out extremely useful. The power source required for robot is yet another question. To acquire a robot that requires to be recharged every now and then will reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, the most inexpensive and the obvious choice at this time will be a solar electric power source which is both effective and inexpensive.

AI Tomorrow
Artificial Intelligence might bring answers to all those questions which have plagued us ever since the rise of human race. It might allow us to discover a cure for every disease, old age and even death. It might abolish poverty and war. AI might offer us with unimaginable solutions and benefits to climate control, find clarification to deep space travel etc. It might help us to discover completely new form of science that we have yet not imagined.

AGI – human level AI (phase two)
This will certainly be the second level of AI within the next subsequent decade or so. Intelligence at human level is very difficult to achieve with software of artificial intelligence. According to scientists, this will be accomplished by programming AI in a way that it learns to self-improve. As the AI will improve to reach at the human level, it might not stay there and remain human for a longer period of time. No one can tell how much time it will take to achieve this level. There also is no estimation of how long it will remain at the human level and after how much time will it surpass it to achieve singularity. AGI will turn out to be extremely useful for us due to its perfect memory, fast speed, and ability to retrieve large amount of data and instantly implement it. When artificial intelligence will reach the human level it will turn out to be more apt as compared to humans.
Another powerful aspect of AI is to embed it into the body of the human and this concept is known as Transhumanism. This has by now started with prosthetic hands and limbs. The science behind trans-humanism is being examined for utilization in a variety of applications. In future there might come a time when people will not require carrying their cell phones, instead a chip implanted in their body will do the needful.

ASI – super Intelligence (phase three)
Also knows as Singularity by scientists.
At this stage the things start to get frightening. When artificial intelligence comes up to the human level AGI it will already go beyond humans in variety of ways. When it will reach at super level ASI, it might turn exponentially advance and could prove to be millions of times faster and smarter as compared to the brightest human race. At this time, it is impossible to even imagine what actually ASI can accomplish and find. In future when we will achieve this stage of AI, we might end up creating demi-gods on the planet that would be out of control. This might turn out both problematic and unimaginably useful at the same time.

Much More
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