Rome-anticism or how you get to be in love with everything


If you ever played Disney’s game ‘Hercules’ as a child and loved those fantastic trees from the forest part, Villa Borghese gardens is the exact place where you should be headed to. I’m not saying you should hop directly from the plane to the park, but I think the best way to avoid spending your day of arrival in bed would be a quiet walk in what I’d like to call a mythical heaven, maybe enjoy a glass of good Italian wine before considering going to bed. Being the third largest park of the town (it gets down to 80 hectares!) it was wide enough to contain my inner conversations. Step by step, I walked aimlessly where my feet took me, constantly gazing and wondering how it felt like to be a pine in this landscape garden and how do we all look like from above. ‘Giant ants walking on two feet’, I said to myself. Somehow, being surrounded by trees that tall, by their greenness and their beauty, I felt safe in a city stranger to me still. I heard a dog bark at the sound of a fountain and I thought about all the things being in the right place, from the old man on the bike who couldn’t stop smiling to the kids on their Segways shouting, having a blast. It’s important to just listen – to stop every distraction for a while and listen.

DSC_0142Maybe this is precisely what Cardinal Scipione Borghese thought of when he turned the former vineyard placed on the most famous gardens in the late Republic into what it is to be now the third largest park in Rome. Surely this is not how it all looked like back in 1605, with the gardens being remade in the English taste, but the essence is still there. Maybe he stopped and looked at the sky as I did and thought ‘God, instead a glass of wine made from this vineyard to blur my thoughts, give me a garden to clear my mind’. It felt like the History itself joined me in my walk from a point on, not walking side by side, but always being in front of me, allowing me to see only its back, the remains still amazing of what it once was. Being amazed by the variety of sculptures and monuments of this park, I felt ashamed of myself in front of them. They were rocks and marbles to whom some artist who spent his whole life doing this gave shape. They knew nothing about me and they didn’t have to. But I knew nothing of them also and I should have. Suddenly, I wanted to know everything – where do they all come from, who is their artist, how come they lasted so long in here and which is the story behind them. Little did I know there were hundreds of them in that park and it was impossible for me to know their stories – not in one day, at least. I felt discouraged by not having enough time to absorb it all; for me, every piece of rock from that park for which an artist worked hard was important and it felt like reading about it somehow payed off his long lasting effort. Right there, in the middle of the alley, with my phone turned off and no possibility of asking Google for help, I knew that History won the game; I was on her territory, so I tried to make as little noise as possible, like a humble observer, in order not to disturb the solemnity and majesty of her green empire filled with statues who had seen more with their petrified eyes than my eyes ever will.

DSC_0129I continued walking and got to the front of Galleria Borghese, closed then because of the end of visiting hours. ‘What an amazing building’, I thought. ‘I wonder how’s it like inside’. That question will have been answered a few days later, when I got to visit the Borghese gallery and fell in love not only with the outsides, but with the insides also. Unexpectedly, a ‘train’ parked right in front of the gallery. You know, that kind of trains you always see in the parks with tourists in them desperately taking pictures, with parents holding their restless kids and trying to make them calm down. I saw the chance and took it – I hopped in without asking, not knowing where this ride might take me, but enjoying it anyway.

DSC_0148It was amazing – my Roman holiday did not start with pizza, pasta and gelato, but with a walk in a park and a small new adventure I did not see coming. It was all so beautiful – I passed by a zoo, people were waving and smiling and shouting ‘Buongiorno’, kids were playing on the sides of the street we were passing on. Somehow I wanted to hop off and say hello to everyone, to admire every single part of the park and to rest a bit on every different bench. It felt like you could start a love story on every corner and nostalgia kicked in like a shy flower who just got out from the ground in the pot. Eventually I got off, even if I knew the ride wasn’t over. I just felt like it was the place to explore more, to dig deeper into the unknown I was surrounded with. Nothing felt more right – in front of me lay an open space filled with groups of people. There was music playing from a distance and I knew the song, so I started humming along. It was when I remembered the name of the song (The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home) when the magic got to me – I saw a father dancing with his little daughter, holding her on the shoulder like my dad used to when I was little. I saw a man completely oblivious to the sounds around him, calmly and carelessly reading a book and enjoying the sunset, right there in the middle of Passeggiata del Pincio. Rome welcomed me a way she knew I had no other choice but to fall in love with her instantly – with music, nature, books and the happiness of people I do not know.


Enjoy 360 degrees movies of Rome here 360 Movies

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Kristen Stewart lead a vampire attack against the GPU of Amazon EC2

downloaded from HD Nice Wallpapers
secret document link How to use Artificial Intelligence

No joke ! Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.
Kristen Stewart, as Director of Come Swim, approved the use of Artificial Intelligence in the creation of her new movie.
The released article, signed by Kristen Stewart is incredible “to get us to the needed level of quality … we chose to use GPU instances on Amazon EC2.”
The article is a perfect match for Artificial Intelligence of 2017 and we are glad that a Holywood Super Star
approved the budget for it and then endorse the results.
Read the full story here


“Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim”

Original technical article (PDF download)

Hollywood has used the concept of artificial intelligence in films for decades. Now, one A-lister is trying to use AI to make art, instead of just inspire it.
Quartz article about this
Forbes article about this

What is inside Artificial Intelligence brain ?

Thees are some images that I took while using Deep Learning with Tensorflow
tensorflow brain l2
while he was trying to learn images, like the ones below.
using a lot of GPU power and tons of iterations (see below the learning process snapshots at various moments in time)

Snapshot of Artificial Intelligence neurons
(activation level for pattern detection). Now I understood why is hard to catch a fly :-). Only the ones with top activation neurons survived
snapshot of neurons

Kristen Stewart Article’s References and GitHub links (Tensorflow projects – super nice list – Enjoy !)
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ULYANOV, D., LEBEDEV, V., VEDALDI, A., AND LEMPITSKY, V. 2016. Texture networks: Feed-forward synthesis of textures and stylized images. In International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).

The Gost of Montepulciano

This picture was made using Artficial Intelligence by Google Photo Assistant while I was visiting this city

Artificial Intelligence identified an interesting picture on an old HD. More to come. (hint Donald J. Trump)

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FIA Formula E, Enel electric car is ready for Buenos Aires, Argentina


Enel has teamed up with the FIA Formula E Championship – the world’s first fully-electric racing series – after announcing an agreement to become the championship’s Official Power Partner. The announcement was made at an event held today at the MAXXI Contemporary Art and Architecture museum in Rome.
See video of the car here

Formula E is partnering with global energy leader Enel to promote the advancement of the championship’s power technology infrastructure.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said: “We are delighted to welcome Enel as the Official Power Partner of Formula E. The solutions that they will put in place to allow all of our events to be carbon neutral reinforces our belief that business, sport and entertainment can be run in a fully sustainable way. This is a very exciting new venture and I look forward to witnessing the developments in sustainable power delivery that comes as a result of this partnership.”

Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of the Enel Group, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Formula E team to lend our expertise in accelerating the digitisation of their energy management infrastructure and powering them through our renewable energy generation technologies. Enel and Formula E are natural partners, as we both embrace the exciting opportunities in electric mobility, smart cities and the clean energy revolution. We are now joining forces to continue with our pioneering work in the field of technological innovation for the vehicles of the future.”

Enel will work with Formula E to optimise its clean energy generation, distribution and management, showcasing its advanced energy solutions. The partnership gets the green light at the upcoming Berlin ePrix, which takes place on May 21st, and will run through the following two seasons, with the possibility to extend the agreement beyond the 2017/18 season.

Read the whole article here
FIA Article on

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Apple Watch photos
musca Simulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 8.27.39 AMSimulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 8.25.54 AM

Simulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 8.28.02 AMSimulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 8.28.46 AM

default50 Simulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 12.06.41 AM

details Simulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 12.08.29 AM

iPhone photos
full width Simulator Screen Shot Dec 13, 2016, 12.10.26 AM

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360 Christmas Tree in Piazza San Pietro, Rome, Italy

This is a 360 degrees movie and photo collection

See a summary of all 360 degrees movies from these locations
Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy
Piazza san Pietro with Christmas Tree, Rome, Italy
Castel_Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy
Piazza_Navona, Rome, Italy

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Piazza di Spagna

The Fountain in Piazza San Pietro

Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy
Piazza san Pietro with Christmas Tree, Rome, Italy
Castel_Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy
Piazza_Navona, Rome, Italy
All 16 movies are available on mobile apps (search for Bonus Links in the User Manual 😉 )
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Wide photo in Piazza San Pietro (click on picture for full size 28Mb)

Enjoy !

Why we “Major on minor things” ?

Why we “Major on minor things” (Jim Rohn)?

Jim Fannin told us this story, that we use to put first the water in the jar, than we take the some water out to put the sand, than we take water and sand out to put the pebbles and than we work to take the some water and sand and pebbles out to put a golf ball. Most of us stop, exhausted, somewhere during this process. Few of us start filling our life jar in the right order. He asked us to do this experiment every night in the 10 minutes before sleep (it is replayed by subconscious 30 times more often than the rest of the day events). The experiment will have strong impact on your brain and life, with big surprises like the order of the golf balls from the first day and from day 30, or day 300, because you will never want to break the habit. Good luck !

Parts of Jim Fannin keynote speech at PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions Las Vegas is here. Enjoy ! (I am in the movie at minute 59:12 :-))

Advanced technical info:
– If at the end of some day you are not satisfied with the results or with yesterday results, just ask yourself. When did I last time do this exercises described in this article ? Notice the number of days you forget to fight to create a good habit in your life. Steven Pressfield calls this “The years that I do not remember”. And start doing them again, and again.
– Habits needs 20-30 days to appear or to get cleared by other habits. If you want to know why, look at a path that was created through grass by a lot of people walking a lot of days and month through. This is how your brain works (There is no strait line through brain, also 🙂 )
– If at the end of some day you wonder why everything was so productive without the exercise look at that day. You where full steam, full day into creating for your endeavors. Congratulations !
– I forgot to give you the answer to the question in the title : Priorities. Your subconscious has his own priorities. Some are from the DNA, some are from your social interactions that he gathered throughout your whole life in order to help you survive. It is now your time to design your life. Give him the things that you want on a daily basis. He will learn them and help you back. He is a good student, just give him the best teachers in the world, everyday, not only on New Year Eve, or he will believe that you changed your mind and telenovelas are the most important thing to drive your ship to. He is taking care of you to breathe and other tons of things, do not think that only you, the captain, are driving your life.
– Very advanced technical info: Every time you replace your major priorities with urgent or low importance things he will push tons of other important things on the stack, like 10 or 20. Remember that you had to switch to urgent, do the urgent fast, on deadline, and go back to major things not the stack. Example Andre Agassi switched from number 1 to 141 and then back to 1. While he was down, in an instant, 140 players where better than him and this will happen in your brain the second you switch to low long time priority things. Subconscious will push another 100 more priority tasks on you and you will have to come back to the surface of the water and breath again. Use alarm clocks or other means to wake you up. Some people use pictures on the walls but the brain get used with alarms and pictures and learn to ignore them. Use a long play list of videos like I embed into this article to get you on the track. Normal TV and Movies will not help see details here

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