Maria Mariá, Rainha de Bateria Imperatriz, Dazzles on Sapucai: A Night of Enchantment and Glamour

The Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucai, nestled in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, has been the stage for countless legendary performances. In a recent display of sheer talent and captivating beauty, Maria Mariá, Rainha de Bateria Imperatriz, delivered a mesmerizing performance that will be remembered for years to come.

See Maria at minutes 0:27, 7:21, 9:02, 10:34 in this video. The movie contains the best moments, costumes and dancers of of Samba Schools Imperatriz Leopoldinense and Unidos do Viradouro

Meet Maria Mariá, Rainha de Bateria Imperatriz:
Maria Mariá, a Brazilian dancer with elegance and charm, has risen to prominence as the Rainha de Bateria (Drum Queen) for the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school. As the face of the bateria, she is responsible for leading and representing the percussion section during the samba school’s carnival parades.

A Night of Enchantment and Glamour:

As the lights illuminated the Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucai, the crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of Imperatriz Leopoldinense. With the first beats of the bateria, the audience was instantly entranced, and when Maria Mariá emerged in all her splendor, the atmosphere became electric.

Dressed in an extravagant costume adorned with glittering gems and vibrant feathers, Maria Mariá embodied the spirit of the carnival. Her undeniable charisma and radiant smile captivated the audience as she danced effortlessly to the pulsating rhythms of the bateria.

Maria Mariá showcased her impeccable samba skills, displaying both power and grace as she glided across the Sapucai. Her magnetic presence elevated the performance to new heights, creating a visually stunning spectacle that left the crowd in awe.

A Tribute to Brazilian Culture and Tradition:

As Rainha de Bateria, Maria Mariá serves as a symbol of the rich heritage of Brazilian samba and carnival culture. Her performance, in perfect harmony with the music and choreography of Imperatriz Leopoldinense, was a testament to the enduring appeal and vitality of the samba tradition.

The performance paid tribute to the vibrant tapestry of Brazilian culture, incorporating elements of its history, legends, and folklore. The artistry and passion on display were a reminder of the enduring power of samba to bring people together in a celebration of life and unity.

A Lasting Impression:

As the performance reached its crescendo, Maria Mariá’s captivating presence continued to enchant the audience. The energy and excitement were palpable, and as the parade came to a close, she left the Sapucai to thunderous applause and admiration.

Maria Mariá’s unforgettable performance as Rainha de Bateria for Imperatriz Leopoldinense has further solidified her status as a dazzling icon of Brazilian samba and carnival culture. As she continues to grace the Sapucai with her talent and charm, Maria Mariá will undoubtedly inspire generations of samba lovers and leave a lasting legacy in the world of the Rio Carnival.

Giovanna Lancellotti – Rio de Janeiro 2023 Carnaval on Sambadrome Sapucai

Giovanna Lancellotti is a Brazilian actress and dancer known for her performances in various Brazilian TV shows and films. In the period 2020-2023, she had the opportunity to dance at the famous Sapucaí Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the Carnival parade.

Sapucaí is considered to be one of the most prestigious venues for samba dance, with its long runway lined by grandstands and surrounded by vibrant, colorful floats. The samba parade is a highly anticipated event during the annual Carnival celebration, with thousands of dancers and musicians from various samba schools competing to showcase their skills.

Giovanna Lancellotti danced as part of the samba school “Unidos de Vila Isabel,” which is known for its elaborate costumes and high-energy performances. Her performance was highly praised by the audience and critics alike, as she showcased her impressive dance moves and mesmerizing stage presence.

In her dance, Giovanna Lancellotti displayed a combination of samba and other Brazilian dance styles, such as funk and frevo, making her performance even more dynamic and exciting. Her graceful movements and energetic steps perfectly complemented the lively music and vibrant costumes, creating a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Overall, Giovanna Lancellotti’s performance at Sapucaí was a testament to her talent as a dancer and her passion for Brazilian culture. She left a lasting impression on the audience, and her dance will surely be remembered as one of the highlights of the Carnival parade.

2022 Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Carnival, Brasil – Index of Musas (to be updated to 100 Dancers)

Index of Musas (to be updated to 100 Dancers)
Adriana Bombom (Grande Rio) – Michael Jackson

Alice Alves (Portela) – decorado em pedras e cristais, Black and White (avaliada em R$ 75 mil.)

Bianca Monteiro, Rainha de Bateria (Portela)

Camilla de Lucas (Grande Rio) – Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Magenta

Daniela Orcisse (Mancha Verde, Sao Paulo) – Princesa de Carnaval

Dani Styles (Vigário Geral) @dinewithdani

Duda Almeida 2020-22 São Clemente, Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí, photo and video
Duda Almeida, video 2020

Duda Almeida, video 2022

Duda Serdan (Mancha Verde, Sao Paulo) – Princesa de Bateria da Mancha Verde

Egili Oliveira @egilioliveira

Joy Broussard, Princesa da Vigário Geral (Vigário Geral)

Leyla Barros, Rainha das Passistas (Vigário Geral)

Mariana Pedro (Mancha Verde, Sao Paulo) – Rainha de Carnaval

Mileide Mihaile (Grande Rio) – Red and Orange

Monique Alfradique (Grande Rio) – Gold

Nikki Nicole (Vigário Geral) @nikkijacqrich

Paolla Oliveira (Grande Rio) – Red

Pocah (Viviane de Queiroz Pereira) (Grande Rio) – Green, Red, and Silver

Renata Kuerten (Grande Rio) – Red, and White

Thainá Oliveira (Grande Rio) – black and silver

Shayene Cesário (Portela)

Thainá Teixeira e Diego Jenkins – Porta Bandeira (Vigário Geral)

Samba Schools
Grande Rio
Vigário Geral

Rainha e Princesas de Rio Carnaval video 1

Rainha e Princesas de Rio Carnaval video 2

Rainha e Princesas de Rio Carnaval video 3

@thai.rodrigues28, @luarabombom, @eudeisianejesus, @reimomorjwilsonneto

What Happens in Vegas – Film Set Locations

These locations are for the movie “What Happens in Vegas” 2008
IMDB link to movie

1. 9:25 – Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
See 100+ photos inside a movie created by Artificial Intelligence application with searching and finding my personal photos of Planet Hollywood

2. 10:05 First Bedroom – Issue = The scene starts with a clear window (probably towards Caesars Palace, as I identify from the red and yellow light that I have on my 100+ photos) and during the fight, we have white curtains on the window. The scenes were filmed at different times.
Just remember that is a Caesar Palace View bedroom and probably a Bellagio lake view
Late in the scene, the Caesar red brand is out, probably another cut with a different position of curtains and draperies
bedroom-ph-6cb353b9-230d-4430-a18b-564c3a559cd22c94117e-e980-4e12-bd09-e0190461ae66_Hip Room@500px

3. 13:15 Limousine trip on The Strip starts from Ballys towards The Venetian and return to Bellagio Fountain
Video with the Strip view around Planet Hollyood as seen from a nearby huge terace of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

4. 14:35 – Terrace at 14:36 is at Omnia Nightclub inside Caesar Palace Hotel and Casino
You can see Flamingo hotel on the left, Ballys and Paris Hotel in Front
Meanwhile a new hotel was build behind their heads (between Flamingo and Bally’s), in 2013 – Cromwell Hotel and Casino (instead of Barbary Coast and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon)
Omnia NightClub 11094782_627145160749545_5355548037311769117_o

5. 15:49 Looks like the Palms Pool and Beach Casino
Palms pool and casino

6. 16:08 and many more scenes later (16:56 …) – Rain Nightclub at Palms Casino (closed now)
These nightclubs have frequent facelifts but the main characteristics can be identified
The most interesting is the simulation of rain on glass walls and red light or Rio Casino, near by (during the movie).

7. 17:45 – Penthouse at Planet Hollywood baby – You can see Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower from the window (read “many windows” 🙂 ).
Bird eye view video from above Las Vegas from High Roller Las Vegas (at 800 meters from the Penthouse) – night view

Day view – Bird eye view video from above Las Vegas from High Roller Las Vegas (at 800 meters from the Penthouse)

8. 18:38 Eat at Planet Dailies at Planet Hollywood, See “The Ultimate Coffee Shop” branding and the Restaurant name on the table triunghiular menu
planet Dailies coffee shop and food 2e877305499a350f465234423760d383

15. 100+ videos playlist from Las Vegas

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Donald Trump positive for Covid-19

Unfortunately, the campaign is a great risk for anybody including Donald J. Trump
He should postpone it towards 2021 as we wrote times and times again about elections in any country (Macron was the first to let them go on and this is not a way we should act during biological wars)
Campaigns should be stoped in all countries.
Fears to lose the Waves of Power is a friend of #Covid19 and its main driver of replication. What about stopping groups of over 10 persons and fill stadiums for elections? Do politicians heard of Sevres, or they have hidden agendas and different measuring units for public and personal projects?
This time Momentum worked against Donald J. Trump and his family.

Thank you for fighting with #Covid19 for us, for hospitals, ventilators, masks, tests, and pushing for fast vaccine research with tons of cash and laws. I took Hydroxychloroquine (Palquenil 200g) and Klacid for 3 days at your advice.
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2020-10-02-usa cases
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The most beautiful ballerinas of Brazil Carnaval Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo playlist
Top Beauty Carnaval Dancers
28+ videos of 2020 Rio Carnaval Samba Brasil Playlist – come back often to see updates
28+ Carnaval videos
More videos from Rio Carnaval 2020 and 2019 on this playlist
More Carnaval videos

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I will start my story in Las Vegas and then go to a Virtual World created during Covid-19


I remembered a quote from Alvin Toffler, “Ask yourself what is the best thing that people are doing now in any city that you travel to.” Not only its history or fun places.
I was in Las Vegas at Bellagio, and while having a lot of fun, I remembered Toffler quote. So I took a sandwich and stopped enjoying the famous fountain that you may remember from the movie Ocean Eleven and stayed 200 meters away and looked at the people that were building a new resort.

I enjoyed seeing people working. I was doing similar things back home, and construction noise started to make me feel alive. Some people get angry about the noise, but it is about human work; if you hate that, you can get too much in life.
Those daily noises and dust become The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a super lovely building, and every year Tony Robbins was there for five days with his seminar Business Mastery.
I was starting to apply again, the Alvin Toffler quote, “What is the best thing that is happening in this city?”
Every day, after some fun in Bellagio and Cosmopolitan, I started to climb to the Ballroom on floor 4 to see people learning to Transform Humanity.
At that time, I was on the wrong side of the door, but I saw this year at Virtual UPW a movie about what people were doing in that room, about a guy completely overwhelmed about his companies’ issues, struggling with growth and cashflow problems. We should not hate growth, even if life is pushing stuff at us while stretching.

Next to the Belmont Ballroom, there is a space with Tony’s colleagues from the sales department who told me 1000 stories about their products.
Do you usually run away from salespeople? Because I remembered a training where they proved to us that we are all salespeople. Don’t we have to sell our projects and ideas to our family and friends every day? Don’t you notice that even kids, dogs, and cats are sales machines?
So I spend hours talking with Robbins International salespeople who were free while all the people were inside the seminar room and I felt good, They were all mine to explain to me about all those lovely shiny boxes on their tables


I remember hearing, “You wish you had bought this Product during your University time.” I answered, “What about High School ?” He thought I was mocking him, but I understood that “We received life and a brain without User Manuals” and that Tony’s products are ageless. You need them at any age.
I remember a friend telling me how he got with his super Victoria Secret-like girl and said nothing during hours. Then I remember my choking.
Next to the sales team and the Ballroom was The Tony Robbins Foundation with another shiny product set. But they had a better strategy. They organized a silent auction for each product.
But, we were in Vegas, baby. I place my bets on all products.
That week I won a ticket for a 4-day seminar called Unleashed the Power Within and an audio program called Personal Power. I found a bonus inside, a Journal,
so imagine me walking through Las Vegas Casinos with a copy of Tony Robbins handwritten journal, and his phrase “The Secret of Living is Giving” written with caps locks and very high letters, probably the adrenaline was too high at that revelation 🙂 )

I then found out that he was driving an old Volkswagen at that time and stopped the car at any revelation just to have them in his Journal, and deliver them to us during his seminars.
Recently on Masterclass, David Lynch told us that we should all have a Journal,
to keep our treasure ideas inside, or risk losing them. David confesses he lost some ideas. How many did you lose? How many can you afford to lose?
I remember a nice phrase “Every time I read my journal, I receive help from a genius friend of mine.”


Then I got back to the sales team and completed my promise to them “I will buy from you what I do not win at the auction”. And I took the product “Mastering Influence” to improve my sales skills.
I started to learn Personal Power which is incredible because I never used my artillery to look inside my brain like the strange Russian toy puppet that has her eyes always looking inside. it is a transformational experience.
I joined Tony into the trip inside our brains and experiences and it is a brain expansion. The one that you “never go back to the original size” type
As a mathematician, I remember that I had to take the audio from the beginning
100+ times because this is what we learned to do when axioms, values, and beliefs changed while reading
You become a different person so you have to read the book again

Recently Tony told us that he did exactly the same thing as me.
He was on the wrong side of the door at NLP co-founder John Grinder seminar for licensed medical personnel only :-).
But that “inconvenience” did not bother him to stay alone at the door.
I was thinking of something similar during my experience
“The impact of staying, even 5 minutes, on the wrong side of the door
is the hunger that Silvester Stalone is trying to unleash and
rediscover in himself while writing new scripts, today”


So now you do this mental exercise –
Imagine yourself staying outside the virtual door of Unleash The Power Within.
30.000 people are inside, for 4 days learning and transforming their life
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A group where you can not get in latter because you can not disturb the guys who are still talking about their concert

During this coronavirus lockdown, I entered in this UPW Facebook group with 30.000 people a large community where chapters of our life and brains books are written and talked about every day.
We talk about how to improve health with specialists and normal people who are fighting to make their body a temple
We talk about books that can improve your life, about things that we want to create, that we created about marketing, sales, and many others
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You can see something similar in the Netflix movie “I am not your Guru”
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Do you like to go to concerts and sports games?.
Well, this time there is a catch –
From time to time, you will be the star.
Are you ready to show to 30k people how you can dance or what are the chapters of the books you wish to write or your personal projects?


My first UPW was live in London, got me to travel all around the Planet
create books, videos, desktop, and mobile applications
I am still connected with friends I met there
I still remember the sounds of the incantations of the people around me in The Excel London huge modern building.
It was a magical experience.
Every time I do not find the power to do something I use the power and energy of the people who were screaming around me. Because of their energy and will to win is now part of me.
I remember something similar. A great USA gymnastic girl jumped at an Olympic game with her leg scrambled.
I looked at the video and I recognized the face of the trainer from my country, Bela Karoly who prepared Nadia Comaneci and her team.
The trainer’s lips moved slowly from 10 meters away from the girl, and I could read the words on his lips “You can do it; You can do it”.
The girl, Kerri Strug, carried his advice in her mind all along her painful path to her jump

I had a deja vu because I saw Nadia live at Montreal when she delivered and took the highest note and performance ever I saw it through my fingers because my eyes were burning from fever and I had a long queue of penicillin on my table
I discovered this trick that you can learn through your fingers and even with your eyes closed.
I even won the Math contest at my University with these mental exercises.
So. What are the brain quotes that you carry during your life, like Kerri does, as I do?
Who’s your trainer?
Who are you accountable for your life and for the content of your brain?
Don’t you think that your development speed will improve if you are accountable ?
All the companies are growing using strict performance measurements.
When are you going to measure your developments, deliverables, and speed?


See you in the Virtual Room at Unleash The Power Within.
You will recognize me by my dancing moves.
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The first UPW helped me a lot
I remember having to decide about a new opportunity and instead of making a long list of pros and cons
I had only one page with one question. “Is this a path to an Outstanding Standard?”.
And I said Yes.
Recently I noticed that other colleagues of ours were not that lucky.
We try to help them get top positions and they came back with a list of reasons and worries and pennies saved.
I remember Jim Rohn saying “He does not know that one motive to give up is enough – this guy has 3” :-(.
So they failed in their decision.
They did not even know that our life is a chain of decisions that can get us to improve the world, our groups, and our families or to be crushed by the complexities and crises of this Planet.
That we should focus on our creations and solving problems not on how Governments and Employers failed us on something
The Economy is changing and one day they will think that The Government or Employers hit them, when in fact is about making decisions without trips to all the books and brains of this Planet and without a guided trip inside your own brain.

My second UPW helped me to get my first printed book
My first UPW helped me to create applications, for apple watch, iPhone, Android, desktop, and cloud. Now I develop an Artificial Intelligence application and I created my first painting with AI

See you in the Virtual Room at Unleash The Power Within.
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tensorflow version 2.3.0
GPU b’GPU 0: GeForce MX130 (UUID: GPU-4110fa0e-65db-5dc8-83ab-9d6b9bab212d)\r\n’
GPU b’name, [MiB]\r\nGeForce MX130, 2048 MiB\r\n’

The Error message is

2020-08-09 22:39:37.802863: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Could not load dynamic library ‘cudart64_101.dll’; dlerror: cudart64_101.dll not found
2020-08-09 22:39:37.815730: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/] Ignore above cudart dlerror if you do not have a GPU set up on your machine.
2020-08-09 22:39:40.977308: I tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Successfully opened dynamic library nvcuda.dll
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pciBusID: 0000:01:00.0 name: GeForce MX130 computeCapability: 5.0
coreClock: 1.189GHz coreCount: 3 deviceMemorySize: 2.00GiB deviceMemoryBandwidth: 37.33GiB/s
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2020-08-09 22:39:41.417424: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Could not load dynamic library ‘cublas64_10.dll’; dlerror: cublas64_10.dll not found
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2020-08-09 22:39:41.468271: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Could not load dynamic library ‘cusolver64_10.dll’; dlerror: cusolver64_10.dll not found
2020-08-09 22:39:41.489726: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/] Could not load dynamic library ‘cusparse64_10.dll’; dlerror: cusparse64_10.dll not found
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2020-08-09 22:39:41.550799: W tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/] Cannot dlopen some GPU libraries. Please make sure the missing libraries mentioned above are installed properly if you would like to use GPU. Follow the guide at for how to download and setup the required libraries for your platform.
Skipping registering GPU devices…