Kristen Stewart lead a vampire attack against the GPU of Amazon EC2

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No joke ! Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.
Kristen Stewart, as Director of Come Swim, approved the use of Artificial Intelligence in the creation of her new movie.
The released article, signed by Kristen Stewart is incredible “to get us to the needed level of quality … we chose to use GPU instances on Amazon EC2.”
The article is a perfect match for Artificial Intelligence of 2017 and we are glad that a Holywood Super Star
approved the budget for it and then endorse the results.
Read the full story here


“Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim”

Original technical article (PDF download)

Hollywood has used the concept of artificial intelligence in films for decades. Now, one A-lister is trying to use AI to make art, instead of just inspire it.
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What is inside Artificial Intelligence brain ?

Thees are some images that I took while using Deep Learning with Tensorflow
tensorflow brain l2
while he was trying to learn images, like the ones below.
using a lot of GPU power and tons of iterations (see below the learning process snapshots at various moments in time)

Snapshot of Artificial Intelligence neurons
(activation level for pattern detection). Now I understood why is hard to catch a fly :-). Only the ones with top activation neurons survived
snapshot of neurons

Kristen Stewart Article’s References and GitHub links (Tensorflow projects – super nice list – Enjoy !)
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The Gost of Montepulciano

This picture was made using Artficial Intelligence by Google Photo Assistant while I was visiting this city

Artificial Intelligence identified an interesting picture on an old HD. More to come. (hint Donald J. Trump)

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