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Make Money Doing What You Love! Tag and upload your photos for sale using Artificial Intelligence

Photography is a very popular hobby, which doesn’t require years of training or highly expensive ammunition.
If you have an endow of seeing beauty in the smallest details and you want to spread captured emotions with other people, then photography will be the best hobby option for you.
Every single photo made with passion is sure to turn up fantastically good, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced master.
As a well-known phrase says, “there’s no better job than the one, where you gain money for doing what you love”.
Making photos isn’t an exception.

The demand for qualitative or simply beautiful shots in the Internet is huge – many blogs or sites owners need unique images to diversify their text content.
Surprisingly, not many people consider photographing as a real money source, which is surely a serious problem both for image buyers and sellers.
Enthusiasm and willing to make something extraordinary often smashes against lack of output or even insolent steal of your brainchild.
That’s why platforms like are so much important for image selling field: they allow photographers to gain money for their work and motivate them to reach higher productivity and to improve professional skills.

1500 images uploaded with one-click
Yet, sorting, editing, uploading several shots by hand is a thankless job. Doing same operations with all of the photos continually is not only plundering your spare time, but also transforms you from the Creator into a simple task making machine.
So, why not leave all the boring work for the application, created specially for such needs?

Brian AI is an artificial intelligence app, made for serving photographers in their hard work.
Apart from essential editing functions, Brian AI can analyze, systematize and manage your photos in seconds, which allows you to leave dull work behind and concentrate on creative process only.

Brian AI is a perfect choice for photographers wishing to reap the monetary fruits of their efforts.
Artificial intelligence of the app, build upon deep learning mechanism, dissects the composition of the image, and then adds appropriate tags according to what it has found on it.
Images can later be organized into specific albums, while tags generation does all the “dirty work” for the user,
who uploads photos on services like
It creates a unique CSV file of the album, which is transferred onto the site’s working area together with the photo original via FTP connection.
More about the process of analysis and upload you can learn in a convenient tuition video via this link.

Playlist with links to videos

Say “no” to the dull manual work.
Simply by using one on the multiple Brian AI instruments you save hours of free time – imagine, what you can do using all app’s potential.

Artificial Intelligence of Brian AI opens up a huge amount of capabilities for better photo management for photographers.
Whether you have 10 or 10.000 images for processing, it is no longer a problem with this application, as soon as AI work do all the processing while you sleep.
It can search for the shots duplicates and delete them on your request, or even analyze the focus, blur, exposition of the series of images to find the best shot among regular ones.

App has an interface with Google Vision chargeable platform, which makes available even more labels and landmarks for your photos.

Step by step procedure

The procedure to upload photos to or Adobe Stock Photos (
– organize all your photos using AI and Brian AI,
– choose the images that you think will impress your clients, will be useful to be used in other works, add them to an album
– Ask “Brian AI” to prepare the CSV files and the Originals to pe uploaded to Adobe Stock or Dreamstime
– on Dreamstime do not forget to upload the CSV using FTP before you upload the images
– FTP upload all the files of your album (on each of Dreamstime and Adobe Stock)
– Using Adobe Stock interface upload the CSV file created by “Brian AI” for you album
– Start bulk operations (on Adobe or Dreamstime cloud interfaces) that will submit all your photos for review to Adobe or Dreamstime photograph experts
– Repeat the process with more and more images
– Watch the approval process of you images and your sales every time you wake up in the morning :-). Make money while you sleep.
– Go out to work with your super photo camera and super smartphone and create more photos everytime something is inspiring you. If you have a different job go to lunch with your camera and make some photos on the road. Take some printed documents with you for getting models approval for photos when necessary. After job stay one more hour in a place that you love and do some pictures
– Late night at home, move the photos to your Hard Drives and let Brian AI work on finding tags and labels and faces and landmarks ….
– Repeat the process
– Become the supplier for the photos used in this article or other blogs and magazines around the world !
– Watch the photos of your life by using “Brian AI” to search and navigate through years of photos, check and remember how beautiful life is 🙂 – watch the full list of movies generated while using “Brian Ai” on this Youtube playlists
Videos created by Brian AI playlist
How to Sell photos with one click bulk upload – playlist

All details about Brian AI application’s creation and history, as well as detailed usage instructions you can find here.

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