A heart that can control a musical instrument – Pink Floyd

I found one “Michael Jackson – Paganini” similar exquisite talent inside The Pink Floyd world. Joe Coker was born with an orchestra inside his voice, and he worked all his life to connect his heart with his voice. Other people had to reinvent themselves to be the gods of the violin, dance, or guitar.
5 performances of Serin Halim on Pink Floyd tunes on the playlist below.
He is body and soul dedicated to music. I met him several times and it reminds me of Santana (“What is my music offer to the day and Humanity”)
Serin completely changes while he is singing, getting to a completely new world like Alice in Wonderland . Probably, Tony Robbins will call it double personality. I call it Paganini / Michael Jackson effect = getting first to a Music Universe and singing from there

Roger Waters is starting at the 6th tune (Money is singed by Roger Waters with Donald Trump voice at the beginning)

Also a different playlist with The Eagles and Led Zepelin covers are here

[Reiland Olivier comment]
The guy was absolutely brilliant ! It’s so funny as i was just standing at that exact time on your right side !!
At the end an italian cop ordered it to stop his playing . I was so hangry against this cop .. ūüôĀ Thanks for this video, mate !
That day we made History ! Well … Pink Floyd with their genius, Serin with his love and talent, and we come last but not least because we had another needed quality: We do not move when we hear real music and feelings. We know that Pantheon was build for this kind of art, too.

Enjoy !


P.S. Unfortunately, Pantheon is closed for street musicians starting august 2018. Read the italian articles below

S.O.S. Artisti di Strada

Is the sound so dangerous ?¬† If is hard to measure by the police squads so a “no sound” politics was approved by The¬†Mayor Office for the Center of Rome – sound weapon

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