Nobody will tell us what to watch and when to watch

“Nobody will tell us what movies to watch and when to watch them” Alvin Toffler, was written in 1980 book “The Third Wave”. When I read that phrase I did not understand what it means. I was living in a communist country and we have TV allowed only a couple of hours per day in order to spare electricity. The movies where allowed only 3 or 4 per week. The capitalist movies that we could watch where approved by a special department of “Securitate” (Some kind of Ministry of Truth from the book 1984). Only the movie that showed “The decadence of capitalism” where allowed (“Dallas – The Ewing family” ) was one of them.  I do not remember any Pink Floyd show at TV but I do remember people running around with their lyrics, hand written (no printer or typewriter where allowed (all their fingerprint where registered) for fear of  spreading capitalist ideas) .

So I had a big surprise this week when an artist send me an article about “Indoctrination using YouTube videos” (see article bellow). When I read this I remember that in any KGB plan there is a line “to conquer the TV” in order to tell the people that their country is not conquered and franchised but liberated.

The Independent article about youtube conspiracy theory videos

YouTube is the democracy that Alvin Toffler was talking about, it is our chance to be informed (do not expect that people that are paid from your taxes, to take care of “informations and intelligence”, will ever inform you. I have a Prime Minister confession that he received only 2 strong intelligence reports in one year – imagine how many you will get 🙁 )

Yes, the dynamicaly updated algorithms of YouTube, created by programmers, Artificial Intelligence or both, will recommend you both good and stupid stuff. But you can go to a communist country and receive only KGB selected videos, if you prefer. I remember that during Romanian Revolution a movie was stopped in the middle and never continued, because the new boss realized that some videos may improve the quality and aspiration of people, too much, and in the direction that affects the leaders interests. YouTube freedom is your chance to become a better man, a smarter man. Nobody stops from from searching for “Richard Feynman” and learn the truth about Micro and Macro Universe in a few years. Nobody stops you to search for “Darwin”. And so on … it is an exponential growth of Knowledge towards Singularity, with the help of YouTube, Amazon, Packt, Audible, Scribd …

……. let’s have some YouTube fun now …………….

I knew I have a movie to make before entering the Pantheon square – it was an incredible sound running beyond the street corners

My YouTube recommendation for Music, super performances of Serin Halim on Pink Floyd tunes on the playlist below.
He is body and soul dedicated to music. I met him several times and it reminds me of Santana (“What is my music offer to the day and Humanity”)
Serin completely changes while he is singing, getting to a completely new world like Alice in Wonderland . Probably, Tony Robbins will call it double personality. I call it Paganini / Michael Jackson effect = getting first to a Music Universe and singing from there

Roger Waters starting at the 6th tune (Money is singed by Roger Waters with Donald Trump voice at the beginning)
Also a different playlist with The Eagles and Led Zepelin covers are here

I will add more tunes on this article

Michael Jackson – Paganini effect inside Pink Floyd world

Enjoy !


(draft 1.0 to be continued today)

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