Donald Trump positive for Covid-19

Unfortunately, the campaign is a great risk for anybody including Donald J. Trump
He should postpone it towards 2021 as we wrote times and times again about elections in any country (Macron was the first to let them go on and this is not a way we should act during biological wars)
Campaigns should be stoped in all countries.
Fears to lose the Waves of Power is a friend of #Covid19 and its main driver of replication. What about stopping groups of over 10 persons and fill stadiums for elections? Do politicians heard of Sevres, or they have hidden agendas and different measuring units for public and personal projects?
This time Momentum worked against Donald J. Trump and his family.

Thank you for fighting with #Covid19 for us, for hospitals, ventilators, masks, tests, and pushing for fast vaccine research with tons of cash and laws. I took Hydroxychloroquine (Palquenil 200g) and Klacid for 3 days at your advice.
See you healthy in 5 days!

2020-10-02-usa cases
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