What Happens in Vegas – Film Set Locations

These locations are for the movie “What Happens in Vegas” 2008
IMDB link to movie

1. 9:25 – Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
See 100+ photos inside a movie created by Artificial Intelligence application BrianAI.com with searching and finding my personal photos of Planet Hollywood

2. 10:05 First Bedroom – Issue = The scene starts with a clear window (probably towards Caesars Palace, as I identify from the red and yellow light that I have on my 100+ photos) and during the fight, we have white curtains on the window. The scenes were filmed at different times.
Just remember that is a Caesar Palace View bedroom and probably a Bellagio lake view
Late in the scene, the Caesar red brand is out, probably another cut with a different position of curtains and draperies
bedroom-ph-6cb353b9-230d-4430-a18b-564c3a559cd22c94117e-e980-4e12-bd09-e0190461ae66_Hip Room@500px

3. 13:15 Limousine trip on The Strip starts from Ballys towards The Venetian and return to Bellagio Fountain
Video with the Strip view around Planet Hollyood as seen from a nearby huge terace of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

4. 14:35 – Terrace at 14:36 is at Omnia Nightclub inside Caesar Palace Hotel and Casino
You can see Flamingo hotel on the left, Ballys and Paris Hotel in Front
Meanwhile a new hotel was build behind their heads (between Flamingo and Bally’s), in 2013 – Cromwell Hotel and Casino (instead of Barbary Coast and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon)
Omnia NightClub 11094782_627145160749545_5355548037311769117_o

5. 15:49 Looks like the Palms Pool and Beach Casino
Palms pool and casino

6. 16:08 and many more scenes later (16:56 …) – Rain Nightclub at Palms Casino (closed now)
These nightclubs have frequent facelifts but the main characteristics can be identified
The most interesting is the simulation of rain on glass walls and red light or Rio Casino, near by (during the movie).

7. 17:45 – Penthouse at Planet Hollywood baby – You can see Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower from the window (read “many windows” 🙂 ).
Bird eye view video from above Las Vegas from High Roller Las Vegas (at 800 meters from the Penthouse) – night view

Day view – Bird eye view video from above Las Vegas from High Roller Las Vegas (at 800 meters from the Penthouse)

8. 18:38 Eat at Planet Dailies at Planet Hollywood, See “The Ultimate Coffee Shop” branding and the Restaurant name on the table triunghiular menu
planet Dailies coffee shop and food 2e877305499a350f465234423760d383

15. 100+ videos playlist from Las Vegas

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