How to execute and deliver the most difficult project of Humanity, Apollo 11 Press Kits

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.”  United States President John F. Kennedy


These are the marketing materials collecting by the marketing genius, David Meerman Scott, during fifteen years, to create the most complete collection of Apollo 11 press kits in the world. Now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission in July 2019, he released this gift to The World.
Learn how to create marketing, how to execute and deliver, one of the most difficult projects of Humanity, from the persons and companies that created History Link to Apollo 11 Press Kits

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Finding Missing Person using Artificial Intelligence – search for Matthew Weaver

Missing Person – Matthew Weaver

Generated site using Artificial Intelligence by Brian AI from Brian AI Site

Site version 1.1 is on this link

Work in progress using Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Brian AI = another site with 3200 images and another with 12800 images
See progress AI on this  Google Document
These high-resolution photographs were taken via drone by Brad Baker of Chris Nelson & Associates in cooperation with Mountain Restoration Trust.

Send tips to find Matthew on this site Missing Person site for Matthew Weaver


Nobody will tell us what to watch and when to watch

“Nobody will tell us what movies to watch and when to watch them” Alvin Toffler, was written in 1980 book “The Third Wave”. When I read that phrase I did not understand what it means. I was living in a communist country and we have TV allowed only a couple of hours per day in order to spare electricity. The movies where allowed only 3 or 4 per week. The capitalist movies that we could watch where approved by a special department of “Securitate” (Some kind of Ministry of Truth from the book 1984). Only the movie that showed “The decadence of capitalism” where allowed (“Dallas – The Ewing family” ) was one of them.  I do not remember any Pink Floyd show at TV but I do remember people running around with their lyrics, hand written (no printer or typewriter where allowed (all their fingerprint where registered) for fear of  spreading capitalist ideas) .

So I had a big surprise this week when an artist send me an article about “Indoctrination using YouTube videos” (see article bellow). When I read this I remember that in any KGB plan there is a line “to conquer the TV” in order to tell the people that their country is not conquered and franchised but liberated.

The Independent article about youtube conspiracy theory videos

YouTube is the democracy that Alvin Toffler was talking about, it is our chance to be informed (do not expect that people that are paid from your taxes, to take care of “informations and intelligence”, will ever inform you. I have a Prime Minister confession that he received only 2 strong intelligence reports in one year – imagine how many you will get 🙁 )

Yes, the dynamicaly updated algorithms of YouTube, created by programmers, Artificial Intelligence or both, will recommend you both good and stupid stuff. But you can go to a communist country and receive only KGB selected videos, if you prefer. I remember that during Romanian Revolution a movie was stopped in the middle and never continued, because the new boss realized that some videos may improve the quality and aspiration of people, too much, and in the direction that affects the leaders interests. YouTube freedom is your chance to become a better man, a smarter man. Nobody stops from from searching for “Richard Feynman” and learn the truth about Micro and Macro Universe in a few years. Nobody stops you to search for “Darwin”. And so on … it is an exponential growth of Knowledge towards Singularity, with the help of YouTube, Amazon, Packt, Audible, Scribd …

……. let’s have some YouTube fun now …………….

My YouTube recommendation for Music, super performances of Serin Halim on Pink Floyd tunes on the playlist below.
He is body and soul dedicated to music. I met him several times and it reminds me of Santana (“What is my music offer to the day and Humanity”)
Serin completely changes while he is singing, getting to a completely new world like Alice in Wonderland . Probably, Tony Robbins will call it double personality. I call it Paganini / Michael Jackson effect = getting first to a Music Universe and singing from there

Roger Waters starting at the 6th tune (Money is singed by Roger Waters with Donald Trump voice at the beginning)
Also a different playlist with The Eagles and Led Zepelin covers are here

I will add more tunes on this article

Michael Jackson – Paganini effect inside Pink Floyd world

Enjoy !


(draft 1.0 to be continued today)

NVidia Benchmarks for specific Artificial Intelligence tasks (Generative Adversarial Networks)

I started to do some benchmarks in order to plan the future needed computers and tools for Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)


3 computers until now (all on Windows 10)
Elapsed Time for CPU = 5 hours, 47 minutes, 26 seconds
Elapsed Time for GPU NVidia 920M = 1 hour, 39 minutes, 15 seconds
Elapsed Time for GPU NVidia 940MX + SSD = 1 hour, 13 minutes, 16 seconds

GPU and SSD are a must so you need to
– install tensorflow-gpu instead of tensorflow
– have python 3.6 (on 3.7 id does not work yet, see tensorflow site
– install Cuda 9 (I also installed Cuda 10 but it does not work – you can have both Cuda installed)
Cuda 10 is here
– install cuDNN for Cuda 9 (register at NVidia, download package and copy 3 files as described on site )

Tensorflow news:
TensorFlow 1.13.0-rc2 @aselle aselle released this 5 days ago
TensorFlow GPU binaries are now built against CUDA 10 and TensorRT 5.0.
Support for Python3.7 on all operating systems.

I tested with Tensorflow nightly 1.13.0-rc2, Cuda 10, cuDNN v7.4.2. I had to install a new driver from Nvidia GeForce Experience application to make the system work. I am still on Python 3.6.8. I will come back here after Python update. Now I am benchmarking this new configuration

Bad news – Cuda compute capability minimum requirements (solved on Tensorflow nightly 1.13.0-rc2, Cuda 10, cuDNN v7.4.2)

I upgraded to Tensorflow 1.11.0 and the game ended for NVidia 920M (Cuda compute capability required is 3.7 > cuda compute capability of NVidia 920M). Check your board on this table

Tests where done on super algorithms described at

I will add more NVidia boards and configurations on this article 

Enjoy Artificial Intelligence and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) !


P.S. Strange errors while using other configurations

File “C:\Program Files\Python36\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\keras\”, line 22, in
from tensorflow.python.keras.impl.keras.backend import abs

File “C:\Users\dorin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\lib\ctypes_init
.py”, line 348, in init
self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)
OSError: [WinError 126] The specified module could not be found

File “C:\Users\dorin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\platform\”, line 97, in preload_check
% (build_info.cudnn_dll_name, build_info.cudnn_version_number))
ImportError: Could not find ‘cudnn64_7.dll’. TensorFlow requires that this DLL be installed in a directory that is named in your %PATH% environment variable. Note that installing cuDNN is a separate step from installing CUDA, and this DLL is often found in a different directory from the CUDA DLLs. You may install the necessary DLL by downloading cuDNN 7 from this URL:


 File “C:\Users\dorin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\saved_model\model_utils\”, line 51, in <module>
    ModeKeys.TRAIN: signature_constants.DEFAULT_TRAIN_SIGNATURE_DEF_KEY,
AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow.python.saved_model.signature_constants’ has no attribute ‘DEFAULT_TRAIN_SIGNATURE_DEF_KEY’
Ignoring visible gpu device (device: 0, name: GeForce 920M, pci bus id: 0000:08:00.0, compute capability: 3.5) with Cuda compute capability 3.5. The minimum required Cuda capability is 3.7.


Michael Jackson – Paganini effect inside Pink Floyd world

5 performances of Serin Halim on Pink Floyd tunes on the playlist below.
He is body and soul dedicated to music. I met him several times and it reminds me of Santana (“What is my music offer to the day and Humanity”)
Serin completely changes while he is singing, getting to a completely new world like Alice in Wonderland . Probably, Tony Robbins will call it double personality. I call it Paganini / Michael Jackson effect = getting first to a Music Universe and singing from there

Roger Waters is starting at the 6th tune (Money is singed by Roger Waters with Donald Trump voice at the beginning)

Also a different playlist with The Eagles and Led Zepelin covers are here

[Reiland Olivier comment]
The guy was absolutely brilliant ! It’s so funny as i was just standing at that exact time on your right side !!
At the end an italian cop ordered it to stop his playing . I was so hangry against this cop .. 🙁 Thanks for this video, mate !
That day we made History ! Well … Pink Floyd with their genius, Serin with his love and talent, and we come last but not least because we had another needed quality: We do not move when we hear real music and feelings. We know that Pantheon was build for this kind of art, too.

Enjoy !


P.S. Unfortunately, Pantheon is closed for street musicians starting august 2018. Read the italian articles below

S.O.S. Artisti di Strada

Is the sound so dangerous ?  If is hard to measure by the police squads so a “no sound” politics was approved by The Mayor Office for the Center of Rome – sound weapon

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Governments have a system that is 100 years behind us …

Our education system is 50 years behind us” Robert Kiyosaki (

There Is No One Truth in War” Ken Burns (what if we have permanent hidden wars ? see details bellow)

We got Nixon, installing the microphones inside the opposition party offices, and everyone was happy to get rid of the Devil. The journalists received Pulitzer prize.
But the big success come from a secret man, who started one day to work for the American people. He is known as Deep Throat, and after many years, we discovered that he was a super executive at the FBI.
Mark Felt

The problem is different.
After 40 years, USA gave apologizes to Angel Merkel for listening to her phones, for 10+ years. So, nothing has been solved, because we did not solve the general problem that applies to all the parties in the world, we did not solve the trick and thievery that governments apply with copy paste all over the world. Additionally, most of the countries, are also colonies at the intersection of empires, and everybody uses franchises that worked for other countries, “Original Democracies” used to control colonies.
This means that the great award-winning journalist has a bigger enigma to solve, because he was dealing with the symptoms of the disease, not the problem.
We have to deal with this colossal confusion.
We do not fix anything by attacking people, while behind our work, systems are becoming more and more stupid because of the genetic laws that develop them in a strange direction.

Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” Churchill

What can we do ? :

1. Start to directly vote, using Internet, for suppliers of large projects. If we do that, the companies who are subscribed to government contracts, will start focusing on quality of work not on lobby, beriberis and other stuff.
Until now, our Democracy looks like “The Democracy through Representatives that Represent Only Themselves” and is time for a more “Direct Democracy“.
How to find this projects? Well Big Four calls this audit method “show me your project with the largest value contracted (beware of the intentional split projects), then the next one …”
If Coca Cola will build a bridge it is a billion brand at stake. Government have nothing to loose, no matter what they do. It is a different mentality.
Do we have some previous experience ? Yes – there are countries where people can choose what to be done to a 1-2% fraction of their taxes (Romania, Italy, …). It will be nice to see what they voted for until now.

2. Start Big Four audit on our employees activities (read The Government, Senate, The House of Representatives, …. Technically they are our employees, see an analogy here from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The text in the movie is “Sweetheart you got my money taped on your body, so technically you work for me”)

The Wolf of Wall Street movie clip
I ask an employer of Big Four, who is into forensic activities, if they ever checked Government activities, but it was just a rhetorical question. They will never do that even if they find 1000 files at their door, it is an unwritten procedure to look the other way.

3. Business eficiency. All our companies are well developed and budgeted, starting with efficiency in mind, only this other company “of ours”, The Government and other similar institutions, are always growing and rising taxes to support the growth. The first Party who will stop this grow will loose the election as not being able to compete, so we are paying more and more taxes, only to feed our big dinosaures, we work 4 to 6 month per year to support them.
See Tax Freedom Day on Wikipedia

4. Direct and fair penalties.
Companies have direct responsibilities for their mistakes, for the mistakes of their emplyees. Parties have no responsibilities.
We read in the newspapers that “Apple was penalized by X with Y millions of USD because he did Z”.
It is time to read about the following
The Party that proposed a man who has damaged / stolen State X to pay the damage (and to be paid, by the person who did it, same amount, also)
– The fines that the companies get because they did something wrong, should be also paid by the Parties who make mistakes (I never heard of bankrupt Parties, are they so good ? Statistics shows a lot of bankruptcy for companies, are Parties living outside math or is a different stuff here, to live irresponsable on people taxes, and other bad things ?)
– I want to see in the Party’s resume all the fines and the condemned deeds – They get away too easily with “We regret how bad Y was and we exclude him from The Party – we know nothing about it” (when in fact half of the campaign posters where paid by that Y)
Who will insure a Party for malpractice ?

5. The Exchangers – how things are done in the background
Take a glimpse inside, or even better – watch the whole “La Piovra” TV series
La Piovra (The Octopus)
Or read this book, written by one of our Prime Ministers – “Pe Contrasens” Radu Vasile. Radu saw the tragic difference between the ideals that any country and movement are promoting and what The Governments really do – non stop “exchanges”. I remember that I saw something similar in “The House of Cards” (I will be back here …)

6. If Mercedes (Daimler) is bribing governments around the world in order to keep it’s company afloat it means that we have an even bigger issue with our systems
Mercedes (Daimler) is bribing the Governments
I need time to understand this because Mercedes is our top standard of quality, for both the cars and the people that are working there. Why people who can not sleep without knowing that they delivered exquisite quality work for their company and the final products need bribery ? How bad the governments and The Parties really are ?

7. How much will Political Parties steal from Romania or other countries
I found the right answer, see video

Confession of a former Mayor
“I cant believe Mr. Mayor that we have nothing left to steal here at the City Hall? Did the ones before us took all, really all?” a former Mayor was asked by one of his City Hall counsels

8. Do we still have Kings ? Do we still have king’s systems ? Did they become better than kings or turned back to being kings ? What are the real differences ?
The powerful have always preyed on the powerless, that’s how they became powerful in the first place.
Tyrion Lannister (George R.R. Martin)

9. Mentality – Le Meteque
Companies survival is related to your training for exquisite customer care and customer orientation mentality. Companies survival is connected to teaching you to work long hours. Our mentality is outstanding standards and customer care.
Then it is your turn to be served by your employees, to receive a service that is already paid, that is mandatory to be paid and you are treated like a paria (metic, meteque). How do you feel ?. How do you feel for not having the option to choose another supplier for bureaucracy services.
How do you feel when they tell you things like
– “You have the right to one question. So what is your question ?” (even when it is their mess)
– Sorry but there is a mistake in our procedure and we can not deduct that expenses
– Sorry but there is no double taxation treaty, you must pay your taxes in 2 or 3 countries
– Sorry but we only recognize your income not the mortgage direct related to the income.
(Companies are treated differently so remember to become a company – if governments are creating and supporting companies, be one, to get better tax treatments – see for why, how and what type of company you should choose)

Georges Moustaki – Le Métèque
Avec mon cœur qui a su faire
Souffrir autant qu’il a souffert
Sans pour cela faire d’histoires,
Avec mon âme qui n’a plus
La moindre chance de salut
Georges Moustaki – Le Métèque


Movie – The Man Who Brought Down the White House

To be continued ….

Dog AI


Dogs are undoubtedly one of the friendliest animals in the world towards their owners. Empathetic and companionable, they’re almost like us in their regular lives. Dogs have hobbies and food preferences, they adore active lifestyle, games, and a good sleep. But most importantly — they make us happy and teach us how to enjoy every day of our lives by their own example.

Dogs are a boon to photographers, who love shooting wild animals and nature, yet, these pets are very prone to get into funny situations too. There are hundreds of viral videos and photos, which were taken by vigilant owners and uploaded on the Internet, where different dog breeds make everyone around laugh because of their inborn cheerfulness (and clumsiness). There’s even more of amusing materials stored on flash drivers or external HDDs all around the world. After a few months of ownership, it’s OK to find your whole phone or camera gallery conquered by the images of your pet in all kinds of positions, situations and moods.

Plenty of similar photos in the camera memory is a very common problem for people who like to imprint the most significant moments of their friendship with pets. Moreover, it’s a big trouble when among dog photos you can’t find some important images. Such significant, yet, memo polluting shots accumulate on your SD card until there’s no empty space for new pictures. Fortunately, modern technologies can help you even in such complicated situation.

To sort out the best photos and get rid of duplicates you’ll need to spend hours and hours of monotone manual scrolling. Are you ready to lose a whole day for such questionable enjoyment? If the answer is “no”, then Brian AI will be the best choice of assistant for you. Using all the latest achievements in artificial intelligence researches, we created an app which can do all photo systematization job without any user’s help.

Based on sophisticated algorithms, Brian AI organizes all available images according to their content. Its potential is almost unlimited — app easily finds your nursling midst any landscape and among other dogs. Application attaches key tags, generated by Google Vision and GoogLeNet Inception services, to the photo, which means you can quickly find some specific image amid thousands of them. Application analyzes dog’s breed, coloration, clothes and surroundings, identifies dog’s snout features and unique marks. Brian AI can manage all your dog photos in seconds despite their big quantity or poor quality.

Apart from filtration and management, our app can systematize images according to their tags into albums. It can analyze focus, blur, angle of the photo, automatically choose the best one from the series of similar shots, and then delete the others with one click of yours. The search amidst photos was never so simple as with Brian AI — you can put in required tag and get results immediately, or use the right-sided menu with all the tags collected in one place. About even more functions of this app you can learn by this link.

A unique feature of our application is, of course, its ability to educate. Artificial intelligence can boost its productivity and accuracy using your photo archive thanks to built-in mechanisms based on deep learning technology. The more you use it, the more exact results you get. By repetitive analysis of your pet’s photos, Brian AI can train to recognize its 10 year old appearance, which would be very convenient if you haven’t put in order your SD’s memory in a while.

If you need to sort your pictures into albums with a need for further exploitation, then, again, Brian AI, which you can find on, is a must-have. Sell a whole bunch of same-thematic photos, make a presentation-like movie demonstrating pictures according to their photographing date from the oldest ones up to the newest, upload images from social networks — do whatever you need with your brand-new systematized archive. Brian AI is suitable for every desktop, computer or mobile phone, so there’s no need to transfer pictures from different devices. Only for $10 you’ll get a whole arsenal of AI instruments and a constant support from our consultants, which is nothing compared with a convenience of Brian AI application.

Modern technologies have made our lives much easier and comfortable by taking away a need of hand-operated functions, but today their sphere of influence is growing day by day. Artificial intelligence-based applications like Brian AI are the examples of how high tech can be used in our everyday lives. Download it and use its full potential to make your life much more systematized!

All details about Brian AI application’s creation and history, as well as detailed usage instructions you can find here.