Michael Jackson – Paganini effect inside Pink Floyd world

5 performances of Serin Halim on Pink Floyd tunes on the playlist below.
He is body and soul dedicated to music. I met him several times and it reminds me of Santana (“What is my music offer to the day and Humanity”)
Serin completely changes while he is singing, getting to a completely new world like Alice in Wonderland . Probably, Tony Robbins will call it double personality. I call it Paganini / Michael Jackson effect = getting first to a Music Universe and singing from there

Roger Waters is starting at the 6th tune (Money is singed by Roger Waters with Donald Trump voice at the beginning)

Also a different playlist with The Eagles and Led Zepelin covers are here

[Reiland Olivier comment]
The guy was absolutely brilliant ! It’s so funny as i was just standing at that exact time on your right side !!
At the end an italian cop ordered it to stop his playing . I was so hangry against this cop .. 🙁 Thanks for this video, mate !
That day we made History ! Well … Pink Floyd with their genius, Serin with his love and talent, and we come last but not least because we had another needed quality: We do not move when we hear real music and feelings. We know that Pantheon was build for this kind of art, too.

Enjoy !


P.S. Unfortunately, Pantheon is closed for street musicians starting august 2018. Read the italian articles below

S.O.S. Artisti di Strada

Is the sound so dangerous ?  If is hard to measure by the police squads so a “no sound” politics was approved by The Mayor Office for the Center of Rome – sound weapon

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