Stubhub sold me tickets at a concert where I am not allowed to enter

I haven’t such a bad “romantic” experience since the visit to The Hassan II Mosque is in Casablanca, Morocco. At the entry of the mosque they asked me to split from my wife, as men are allowed in the main room and women should go in a room in the back of another building. I refused the offer and the whole romantic perfume of the Hollywood movie Casablanca vanished. Now let’s talk about what’s left of roberto carlo’s romantic tunes …

The show is named “roberto carlos só para mulheres” and is declared by Eventim “público geral são paulo”.
I am not a Portuguese speaker but Roberto is not the first singer that sings for woman. I though that the title is about an album or a song. Now I know better. The title was about not letting any man entering the concert !
Eventim, Stubhub and Espaço das Américas did not know how to deal with that
Eventim added “público geral são paulo” to their advertising.
Stubhub kept their warning about “tickets only for students” and “tickets for people with disabilities”, but the fact that all their tickets where for woman did not appear anywhere on their platform.
Stubhub technical support was taking by storm and answered “this information was mentioned once you purchased the tickets: Roberto Carlos Só Para Mulheres São Paulo”. Well the correct answer is “before you purchased the ticket“.

Espaço das Américas asked for super prices for parking on event days. 50R$ instead of 10R$. I told them that I have to leave the event because I am not allowed to enter the concert area and they could not give me back the money, also. They argued that there is no free time in their parking menu. The area is full with show arenas and the parking business is thriving at 3 times the prices of Avenida Paulista. There is no time for customer care here. Business is thriving and police work hard to let hundreds of cars get in and out the area every weekend.

There where more husbands there, trying to sell the tickets. I asked at the cashier and they send me at the entry of the concert area to do the sale process. I looked at the old woman that where approaching me. There is no way these respectable women will come in this part of town without a ticket. I went to a market near by and all the women already had tickets. Some young women laugh about my Roberto Carlos offer (but the Sao Paulo super arena was fully packed at Ed Sheeran :-), a different romantic era ). So my best offer was to find some woman that have no means of getting to the concert. I saw them sharing some strange cheap food at a terrace with plastic tables. I will never forget the light in their eyes when I show them the tickets. They could not believe that they may won the tickets. The waiter realized the confusion and explain them in Portuguese that the “gentlemen” is not allowed at the concert. For 30 seconds I was “o senhor”.

I froze my shopping at Stubhub until I will reconstruct my romantic soul back. Maybe I will try the Viagogo site again (this is a different story – I’ll be back with more details).

Dorin, ex romantic, ex eager to learn about Roberto Carlos with the help of Stubhub and Eventim

I only have “beep” words for this experience. Let’s focus on the wonderfull thing, that some ladys may have stand up in the concert arena with tears in their eyes (like I saw at the MGM Grand Arena, when Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline :-))

“This is an island babe, If you do not bring it here, you will not find it here” Harrison Ford in the video bellow


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