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Governments have a system that is 100 years behind us …

Our education system is 50 years behind us” Robert Kiyosaki (

There Is No One Truth in War” Ken Burns (what if we have permanent hidden wars ? see details bellow)

We got Nixon, installing the microphones inside the opposition party offices, and everyone was happy to get rid of the Devil. The journalists received a Pulitzer Prize.
But the big success comes from a secret man, who started one day to work for the American people. He is known as Deep Throat, and after many years, we discovered that he was a super executive at the FBI.
Mark Felt

The problem is different.
After 40 years, the USA gave apologizes to Angel Merkel for listening to her phones, for 10+ years. So, nothing has been solved, because we did not solve the general problem that applies to all the parties in the world, we did not solve the trick and thievery that governments apply with copy-paste all over the world. Additionally, most of the countries, are also colonies at the intersection of empires, and everybody uses franchises that worked for other countries, “Original Democracies” used to control colonies.
This means that the great award-winning journalist has a bigger enigma to solve because he was dealing with the symptoms of the disease, not the problem.
We have to deal with this colossal confusion.
We do not fix anything by attacking people, while behind our work, systems are becoming more and more stupid because of the genetic laws that develop them in a strange direction.

Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” Churchill

What can we do? :

1. Start to directly vote, using the Internet, for suppliers of large projects. If we do that, the companies who are subscribed to government contracts will start focusing on the quality of work, not on lobby, briberies and other stuff.
Until now, our Democracy looks like “The Democracy through Representatives that Represent Only Themselves” and is time for a more “Direct Democracy“.
How to find these projects? Well, Big Four calls this audit method “show me your project with the largest value contracted (beware of the intentional split projects), then the next one …”
If Coca Cola will build a bridge it is a billion brand at stake. The government has nothing to lose, no matter what they do. It is a different mentality.
Do we have some previous experience? Yes – there are countries where people can choose what to be done to a 1-2% fraction of their taxes (Romania, Italy, …). It will be nice to see what they voted for until now.

2. Start Big Four audit on our employees’ activities (read The Government, Senate, The House of Representatives,… Technically they are our employees, see an analogy here from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The text in the movie is “Sweetheart you got my money taped on your body, so technically you work for me”)

The Wolf of Wall Street movie clip
I ask an employer of Big Four, who is into forensic activities if they ever checked Government activities, but it was just a rhetorical question. They will never do that even if they find 1000 files at their door, it is an unwritten procedure to look the other way.

3. Business efficiency. All our companies are well developed and budgeted, starting with efficiency in mind, only this other company “of ours”, The Government and other similar institutions, are always growing and raising taxes to support the growth. The first Party who will stop this grow will lose the election as not being able to compete, so we are paying more and more taxes, only to feed our big dinosaurs, we work 4 to 6 months per year to support them.
See Tax Freedom Day on Wikipedia
Instead of impeaching our presidents and governments for growing taxes and not respecting the promises from electoral campaigns we do it for inappropriate relationships, talking with Putin and installing microphones (which they will keep doing, no matter what 🙁 )

4. Direct and fair penalties.
Companies have direct responsibilities for their mistakes, for the mistakes of their employees. Parties have no responsibilities.
We read in the newspapers that “Apple was penalized by X with Y millions of USD because he did Z”.
It is time to read about the following
The Party that proposed a man who has damaged/stolen State X to pay the damage (and to be paid, by the person who did it, same amount, also)
– The fines that the companies get because they did something wrong, should be also paid by the Parties who make mistakes (I never heard of bankrupt Parties, are they so good? Statistics show a lot of bankruptcy for companies, are Parties living outside math or is different stuff here, to live irresponsible on people taxes, and other bad things ?)
– I want to see in the Party’s resume all the fines and the condemned deeds – They get away too easily with “We regret how bad Y was and we exclude him from The Party – we know nothing about it” (when in fact half of the campaign posters where paid by that Y)
Who will insure a Party for malpractice?
This practice was used in Venetian Republic (the longest that we know, with over 1000 years of existence). A doge was secretly acting against the Republic and in their Parliament room he received a black rectangle instead of a portrait. This means that in the long list of portraits on the ceiling there is a black gap.
Intelligence General Ion Mihai Pacepa started to write a Black Book for Romania, but the book was caught in a political war for power in Eastern Europe colonies. I hope that we will wake up one day and write an unbiased history  (Even The USA cannot have an unbiased history, and Donald Trump keeps some JFK files out of public eyes, even after decades). What kind of animals are we? Or a better  question could be “What did we invented and developed on our space ship ?”  We are curious about what Artificial Intelligence will do with Humans, but the truth is that the worst things were already invented thousands of years ago – we have a history of programming, developing and maintaining strange DNA systems, on top of Humanity, long before Turing was born.

5. The Exchangers – History is the story of people helping each other to conquest and maintain power
How things are done in the background – Take a glimpse inside, by watching this video, or even better – watch the whole “La Piovra” TV series
La Piovra (The Octopus)
Or read this book, written by one of our Prime Ministers – “Pe Contrasens” Radu Vasile. Radu saw the tragic difference between the ideals that any country and movement are promoting and what The Governments really do – nonstop “exchanges”. I remember that I saw something similar in “The House of Cards” (I will be back here …)

6. If Mercedes (Daimler) is bribing governments around the world in order to keep it’s company afloat it means that we have an even bigger issue with our systems
Mercedes (Daimler) is bribing the Governments
I need time to understand this, because Mercedes is our top standard of quality, for both the cars and the people that are working there. Why people who can not sleep without knowing that they delivered exquisite quality work for their company and the final products need bribery? How bad the governments and The Parties really are?
Update – Sweden telecom giant Ericsson will pay over $1 billion to settle US corruption charges
It looks that the super sales managers that these giants are employing are super talented at bribing Governments and other large organizations. USA found a similar pattern during the 2008-2009 financial crisis investigations (people were rotating from governments to rating agencies and to investment banks, creating a small circle of corruption that almost shut down The Planet). I remember I had the same shock when I saw a picture of Lee Iacocca, wearing a strange masonic costume (Knights of Malta) at a meeting at where he was accused of handpicking his suppliers – let me find that picture for you – see link below)
Knights of Malta

7. How much will Political Parties steal from Romania or other countries
I found the right answer, see video

Confession of a former Mayor
“I can’t believe Mr. Mayor that we have nothing left to steal here at the City Hall? Did the ones before us took all, really all?” a former Mayor was asked by one of his City Hall counsels

8. Do we still have Kings ? Do we still have king’s systems? Did they become better than kings or turned back to being kings? What are the real differences?
The powerful have always preyed on the powerless, that’s how they became powerful in the first place.
Tyrion Lannister (George R.R. Martin)
We may be running after the wrong targets. We killed the kings but the society remains like in an article written before the French Revolution. It means that this is the template we keep organizing ourselves while we are in the dark :-(. See the story here The Third Estate
“If you split all the money in the world, evenly, between humans, in a short period, it will go again to the hands of 1%”. Our society is “Wreckable” (see second 30 in the movie), and some people are breaking it at breakfast

9. Mentality – Le Meteque
Companies’ survival is related to your training for exquisite customer care and customer orientation mentality. Companies’ survival is connected to teaching you to work long hours. Our mentality is outstanding standards and customer care.
Then it is your turn to be served by your employees, to receive a service that is already paid, that is mandatory to be paid and you are treated like a pariah (metic, meteque). How do you feel ?. How do you feel for not having the option to choose another supplier for bureaucracy services?
How do you feel when they tell you things like
– “You have the right to one question. So what is your question ?” (even when it is their mess)
– Sorry but there is a mistake in our procedure and we can not deduct that expenses
– Sorry but there is no double taxation treaty, you must pay your taxes in 2 or 3 countries
– Sorry but we only recognize your income, not the mortgage direct related to the income.
(Companies are treated differently so remember to become a company – if governments are creating and supporting companies, be one, to get better tax treatments – see for why, how and what type of company you should choose)

This is not a space ship that belongs to Humanity but to the companies created by us. At least this is the feedback that I got from this Black Box called Democracy ( ! Democracy through Representatives that Represent Only Themselves !)

Georges Moustaki – Le Métèque
Avec mon cœur qui a su faire
Souffrir autant qu’il a souffert
Sans pour cela faire d’histoires,
Avec mon âme qui n’a plus
La moindre chance de salut
Georges Moustaki – Le Métèque

10.  Justice Department – my 2 pence help
10.1. A movie about the past and the present
Blacklist movie ( – Series 3, Episode 10, Minute 27:04, Length 1 minute

Giordano Bruno was burned by the Justice of an Empire protected by strange Religions that survived their crimes and mistakes,
See a movie of Giordano Bruno statue on his execution location in Campo dei Fiori, Rome, Italy

10.2. A photo of how the prosecutors, judges, and lawyers are prepared by communist forces.
The photo depicts a group exiting their class next to a mountain villa.
I saw it but I ignore it at that time. (update – found it recently – now it is your turn to find the pictures from your country – keep searching is about a receipt that is borrowed between empires) It is AI job to find it again, or your job (I will come back here),
Anyway you will need confessions and stories from these guys (from each country :-()

10.3. The Future
The Universe is not on our side. The Universal Justice is not on our side.
If you don’t believe me, ask The Dinosaurs. The real ones who’s skeleton you can find in museums.
The Universe killed them all with one stone. Too big for them, peanuts for The Universe.

American Museum of Natural History, dinosaur, tyrannosaurus, tourist attraction, extinction
© Photographer: Dorinionescu | Agency:

OOOOO ! We can not ask the Dinosaurs. They are all dead.
P.S. If you forget everything that I ever write just keep in mind this
“Take care that no one will ever say in The Future, ‘We can not ask Humanity, there is No One left'”
“Take care that somewhere in The Future someone can still ask questions about The Universe, us or anybody else”

The real question should be “How can we survive in a pulsating Universe that is blowing completely from time to time ?”
Starting point = A dying planet next to a nice star, that will explode in The Future.

“All the other things are Pyrrhic Wars (Another victory like this and we are lost (A Smart General)) ”
“Another such victory and I come back to Epirus alone.
(Ne ego si iterum eodem modo uicero, sine ullo milite Epirum reuertar)”
Look at this old story and compare it with what we are doing now

11. Saddam Hussein tribe rules are ruling The World
I saw a movie about Saddam Hussein and they present their tribal rules “Do not steal or kill inside your tribe”. And no other rule about this.
The more you look at the world, the more you see that it is ruled by the same tribal idea. The only difference is that we have different kinds of tribes, geographical or virtual and somehow invisible.

12. A KGB / Securitate General was a hero for 1 million people in Romania until 1989.
After the Romanian People Revolution (1989) he is not a hero. I did not see any statue, yet.
How can you explain that?
ION MIHAI pacepa
How do you think the media and books are controlled by empires?
I started to figure it out … to be continued

See details here
Wikipedia link – Ion_Mihai_Pacepa

From the memory of the pages of “Red Horizons” red by Free Europe Radio during the Cold War to Angela Merkel, mourning each year at a grave of a German “traitor” that had the courage to fight Hitler, you will find in Pacepa’s books that that history has “pedagogical lies” and “imperial lies” that keep your brains in “artificial prisons”.
Generally speaking, only those who do not want to find out, do not find out.
Thank you for all these great books, and other things that will be revealed only in the future, from other centuries, backward.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry Adams

13. What is in the mind of a Politician (The Exchangers)?

Recently I heard very sad rhetorical confessions like
“Trust the current political class! She is only thinking about her future!”
“The family is the small homeland and the homeland is the big family! Being a strange type of patriots, too often politicians are serving the little country first”

Looking into the matter one can see that there are also intermediate levels that must also be served (parties, groups of various types, and degrees of visibility …).
The day a lawyer told me that he could build a Chinese wall in his head to ensure independence between two clauses, I realized that politicians, along with other officials or “friends” that are running our countries, are actually:
– some zombies who have made Chinese walls and boxes in their heads and choose daily whether to serve the family, the President, the country, the Government, the party, the citizens, the Empire of his choice, the Empire disguised, the city, the county … and here the list is a bit long … and you can’t really serve too many Chinese boxes that appear in your life and your brain at the same time.
The expression “what’s in the mouth of politicians is also in their head” is just smoke and mirror. Politicians, or The Exchangers as I named them, are prisoners of parties and other interests and have no way to tell the truth for many minutes a day.
“There is no truth in war” – I think I will have to expand the expression a bit.
“The truth is hard to find at people that have group responsibilities, marketing targets and are close to election day”.
Recently I heard another sad expression
“He is a stupid man that chooses to be a hero instead of looking into the group interest”
We send our smart kids to work in difficult environments, but as long as the FBI Chief is chosen by The President and not directly elected by us, he will respond to other interests first. We sent our kids to environments where they receive a promotion if they bring votes and cash to a party. As long as we do not discover the fundamental things that would improve our society we arrest Nixon for no long-term gain and grow smart zombies that are not allowed to tell us what is really happening.
Meanwhile, the FBI guy who got Nixon down was fired and the reporter got a Pulitzer prize for what? What are the FBI employees think about when this happened. How is this influencing their decisions on their daily work? How is their daily zombi life?
“For most people, things are starting and ending outside their field of view and perception”

15…. I am out buying more servers … what do you do?
17. Where are we coming from?
18. Who are we?
19. Where are we going?

Movie – The Man Who Brought Down the White House

To be continued ….

Dog AI


Dogs are undoubtedly one of the friendliest animals in the world towards their owners. Empathetic and companionable, they’re almost like us in their regular lives. Dogs have hobbies and food preferences, they adore active lifestyle, games, and a good sleep. But most importantly — they make us happy and teach us how to enjoy every day of our lives by their own example.

Dogs are a boon to photographers, who love shooting wild animals and nature, yet, these pets are very prone to get into funny situations too. There are hundreds of viral videos and photos, which were taken by vigilant owners and uploaded on the Internet, where different dog breeds make everyone around laugh because of their inborn cheerfulness (and clumsiness). There’s even more of amusing materials stored on flash drivers or external HDDs all around the world. After a few months of ownership, it’s OK to find your whole phone or camera gallery conquered by the images of your pet in all kinds of positions, situations and moods.

Plenty of similar photos in the camera memory is a very common problem for people who like to imprint the most significant moments of their friendship with pets. Moreover, it’s a big trouble when among dog photos you can’t find some important images. Such significant, yet, memo polluting shots accumulate on your SD card until there’s no empty space for new pictures. Fortunately, modern technologies can help you even in such complicated situation.

To sort out the best photos and get rid of duplicates you’ll need to spend hours and hours of monotone manual scrolling. Are you ready to lose a whole day for such questionable enjoyment? If the answer is “no”, then Brian AI will be the best choice of assistant for you. Using all the latest achievements in artificial intelligence researches, we created an app which can do all photo systematization job without any user’s help.

Based on sophisticated algorithms, Brian AI organizes all available images according to their content. Its potential is almost unlimited — app easily finds your nursling midst any landscape and among other dogs. Application attaches key tags, generated by Google Vision and GoogLeNet Inception services, to the photo, which means you can quickly find some specific image amid thousands of them. Application analyzes dog’s breed, coloration, clothes and surroundings, identifies dog’s snout features and unique marks. Brian AI can manage all your dog photos in seconds despite their big quantity or poor quality.

Apart from filtration and management, our app can systematize images according to their tags into albums. It can analyze focus, blur, angle of the photo, automatically choose the best one from the series of similar shots, and then delete the others with one click of yours. The search amidst photos was never so simple as with Brian AI — you can put in required tag and get results immediately, or use the right-sided menu with all the tags collected in one place. About even more functions of this app you can learn by this link.

A unique feature of our application is, of course, its ability to educate. Artificial intelligence can boost its productivity and accuracy using your photo archive thanks to built-in mechanisms based on deep learning technology. The more you use it, the more exact results you get. By repetitive analysis of your pet’s photos, Brian AI can train to recognize its 10 year old appearance, which would be very convenient if you haven’t put in order your SD’s memory in a while.

If you need to sort your pictures into albums with a need for further exploitation, then, again, Brian AI, which you can find on, is a must-have. Sell a whole bunch of same-thematic photos, make a presentation-like movie demonstrating pictures according to their photographing date from the oldest ones up to the newest, upload images from social networks — do whatever you need with your brand-new systematized archive. Brian AI is suitable for every desktop, computer or mobile phone, so there’s no need to transfer pictures from different devices. Only for $10 you’ll get a whole arsenal of AI instruments and a constant support from our consultants, which is nothing compared with a convenience of Brian AI application.

Modern technologies have made our lives much easier and comfortable by taking away a need of hand-operated functions, but today their sphere of influence is growing day by day. Artificial intelligence-based applications like Brian AI are the examples of how high tech can be used in our everyday lives. Download it and use its full potential to make your life much more systematized!

All details about Brian AI application’s creation and history, as well as detailed usage instructions you can find here.

Move large MySql tables to a different HDD

MySql is by default installing everything in C:. As you need more space for C: or MySql you can move the whole database or only a few large files on a HDD with more free space. I choose to move only a few files because I intend to move some files on a removable external HDD, that can be accessed only when the external HDD is present and use MySql as it is without external HDD.
Step 1. Find what files are huge and need to be moved
2 of the files have more than 10 GB
The location of the tables on your disk can be found in the registry or in MySql Benchmark at {Management}{Server Status} as described in [1]
2. Save your database using MySql Benchmark {Management}{Data Export}{… Folder} in order to have individual access to tables in the dumped folder (change the dump folder on the empty HDD, also)
3. Rename actual table names with old at the end (we will truncate / delete them at the end if the new tables are OK)
ALTER TABLE `searchengineresults` RENAME TO `searchengineresults_old` ;
4. Update the create table sql file created at dumping your database, by including the DATA DIRECTORY parameter as described in [2]
CREATE TABLE `searchengineresults` ….. DATA DIRECTORY=’d:/mysql/tables’;
(you have to edit huge 7 GB text files – this a challenge – let me find a simple way
I am now editing a 1 Gb file with TextPad)
For files larger than 1 GB use the TableSpace solution from [2]
5. Run the updated sql from MySql Workbench
6. Wait for the script completion (table creation and row import)
Check how the new table is growing in size during the script
mysql-growing file
Operation succeeded – see image
7. Deal with very large tables with a different method – classic method – why id did not work
Rename old table
Create new table using
Insert old data into new table with the instruction
insert into searchenginedetails
select * from searchenginedetails_old
It did not work because I run it from MySql Workbench who gave the warning “Timeout error at connection with mysqld server”
Then I did not receive the server from MySql Server and the resulted table was corrupted
select count(*) from searchenginedetails –> resulted in null or zero

12. Deal with very large tables with a different method (use copy TABLE SPACE method) – see [2]

(if you find empty spaces in the article it means that I am writing it now – just comment what you need from me right now 🙂 )

These are the files and tables of – Artificial Intelligence for 200.000 personal images, all local. Try the app at BrianAI on our Exquisite View shop

[1] Move all database
[2] Move only one table

How to sell your images

Here are some sites where Brian AI can help you organize and upload images, for sale. See the examples below with images uploaded by me using Brian AI


getty_images_istock_portofolio-800Getty Images and iStock


adobe_fotolia_portofolio-800Adobe & Fotolia


See upload and organize instructions on User Manual of Brian AI. Try the application for free for 30 days !

Enjoy and a lot of sales !


How to get from Heatrow Airport to Hotels

I had a difficult time in London so here are the tricks
– for Airport Hotels (Hoppa Bus – 5 GBP per person at the driver, or 9 GBP 2 ways, valid 2 month)
search for your terminal and hotel here (there are a lot of pages)
search for the bus station location on the last page on this link (timetable also included)


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One Click #ai Money

Upload 100+ images for sale with Artificial Intelligence from plus the One Click Option from and

Make Money Doing What You Love! Tag and upload your photos for sale using Artificial Intelligence

Photography is a very popular hobby, which doesn’t require years of training or highly expensive ammunition.
If you have an endow of seeing beauty in the smallest details and you want to spread captured emotions with other people, then photography will be the best hobby option for you.
Every single photo made with passion is sure to turn up fantastically good, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced master.
As a well-known phrase says, “there’s no better job than the one, where you gain money for doing what you love”.
Making photos isn’t an exception.

The demand for qualitative or simply beautiful shots in the Internet is huge – many blogs or sites owners need unique images to diversify their text content.
Surprisingly, not many people consider photographing as a real money source, which is surely a serious problem both for image buyers and sellers.
Enthusiasm and willing to make something extraordinary often smashes against lack of output or even insolent steal of your brainchild.
That’s why platforms like are so much important for image selling field: they allow photographers to gain money for their work and motivate them to reach higher productivity and to improve professional skills.

1500 images uploaded with one-click
Yet, sorting, editing, uploading several shots by hand is a thankless job. Doing same operations with all of the photos continually is not only plundering your spare time, but also transforms you from the Creator into a simple task making machine.
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Brian AI is a perfect choice for photographers wishing to reap the monetary fruits of their efforts.
Artificial intelligence of the app, build upon deep learning mechanism, dissects the composition of the image, and then adds appropriate tags according to what it has found on it.
Images can later be organized into specific albums, while tags generation does all the “dirty work” for the user,
who uploads photos on services like
It creates a unique CSV file of the album, which is transferred onto the site’s working area together with the photo original via FTP connection.
More about the process of analysis and upload you can learn in a convenient tuition video via this link.

Playlist with links to videos

Say “no” to the dull manual work.
Simply by using one on the multiple Brian AI instruments you save hours of free time – imagine, what you can do using all app’s potential.

Artificial Intelligence of Brian AI opens up a huge amount of capabilities for better photo management for photographers.
Whether you have 10 or 10.000 images for processing, it is no longer a problem with this application, as soon as AI work do all the processing while you sleep.
It can search for the shots duplicates and delete them on your request, or even analyze the focus, blur, exposition of the series of images to find the best shot among regular ones.

App has an interface with Google Vision chargeable platform, which makes available even more labels and landmarks for your photos.

Step by step procedure

The procedure to upload photos to or Adobe Stock Photos (
– organize all your photos using AI and Brian AI,
– choose the images that you think will impress your clients, will be useful to be used in other works, add them to an album
– Ask “Brian AI” to prepare the CSV files and the Originals to pe uploaded to Adobe Stock or Dreamstime
– on Dreamstime do not forget to upload the CSV using FTP before you upload the images
– FTP upload all the files of your album (on each of Dreamstime and Adobe Stock)
– Using Adobe Stock interface upload the CSV file created by “Brian AI” for you album
– Start bulk operations (on Adobe or Dreamstime cloud interfaces) that will submit all your photos for review to Adobe or Dreamstime photograph experts
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– Watch the approval process of you images and your sales every time you wake up in the morning :-). Make money while you sleep.
– Go out to work with your super photo camera and super smartphone and create more photos everytime something is inspiring you. If you have a different job go to lunch with your camera and make some photos on the road. Take some printed documents with you for getting models approval for photos when necessary. After job stay one more hour in a place that you love and do some pictures
– Late night at home, move the photos to your Hard Drives and let Brian AI work on finding tags and labels and faces and landmarks ….
– Repeat the process
– Become the supplier for the photos used in this article or other blogs and magazines around the world !
– Watch the photos of your life by using “Brian AI” to search and navigate through years of photos, check and remember how beautiful life is 🙂 – watch the full list of movies generated while using “Brian Ai” on this Youtube playlists
Videos created by Brian AI playlist
How to Sell photos with one click bulk upload – playlist

All details about Brian AI application’s creation and history, as well as detailed usage instructions you can find here.

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Matrix reversed

pisa-faces-andrei-anca-w200 While watching the movie Matrix, we were all revolted that all the people are connected to a Matrix and are living virtual lives
Starting today I noticed that some people will deliberately connect to Artificial Intelligence Matrix in the near future. They will become dependent of it.
They will feel bad, lonely and unproductive outside The Matrix.

ioana_anca_300 It is happening today with mobile phones. We all saw jokes about people staring at smartphones and looked at new jobs like helping an “email reader” and a “facebook poster” to cross the street. Netherlands already implemented an upgrade of traffic lights – the big one for drivers we already know. We even start to get used to the small ones for bicycles. But what about the new one for smartphone readers that is a red bar on the ground level, parallel with the white zebra lines, that goes red at the left and right of your smartphone !

The real Matrix is the one with Artificial Intelligence engines delivered in the clouds of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Nvidia and many others.
Read about the tested performances of this engines from someone how knows how to ask the right question (read the Terra Questions Set asked by Adrian Rosebrock from PyImageSearch) in this article
tensorflow brain l2

Software Development is different with or without Internet. I remember that one day I had to switch activities during a day without brain connection to Google. By having access only to the books that are already downloaded to your PC and paper books, developing speed go 10 times slower. Debugging goes 10 times slower without the advice of your peers around the world. Developing using reading and using chunks of Internet examples goes back to a slower paste of full book reading. Now even the airplanes start to offer Internet and power supply so you do not feel unproductive on Trans Atlantic flights. 20 years ago the quality of slow paste analysis and development was much better but the deadlines where not so tight. We need The Matrix to deliver at today’s client expectations and competition.

Matrix Reversed existed before 1910 see
People where connected to planetary radio-communication matrix and spend long nightly hours to connect with the voice of others (through CQ CQ CQ mesages – Hello I am Bravo Mike Oscar Quebec Hotel India nice to meet you) So Matrix Reversed existed before 1969 (see implementation of Internet,
now even the no-it-school guys have a device called Facebook (even simpler versions starts competing – WhatsApp, brain sensors, …)

Enjoy your soul until we become the tree from Avatar – !!! So the supreme network is already described 🙂
Avatar tree of connecting brains and all the past brains uploaded into the tree
Avatar tree used to connect the living brains with all the past brains uploaded into the tree

Bonus ! A TED video of a super scared expert in sociology (scared of super “free” networks working on advertising business models)
We can not live outside the Reversed Matrix because we can not deliver the results and deadlines expected by our clients, today, only with printed books. We can not afford to create or buy private networks nearly 30% as good as the public network. We can not accuse the “free” business models of big companies because they are collecting data on us and use AI advertising models on our personal data. We have each day many choices, but we choose them every day, with our habits, by reading and writing in the spider webs, instead of using just our printed books and Starbucks meetings. A lot of years ago I thought that Second Life application was for me and my freak friends. Now it become our world. I noticed how small dependencies where created then, and huge ones today.

Enjoy !