Pope Francis accepts Big Bang and Evolution !


Pope Francis tried to integrate Big Bang and Evolution with Religion.
I did not hope to hear that during my life !
He is close to the truth “Any Creation process is part of Evolution, any God (if exists) is just an Evolution product and link between old and new forms of life, the Evolution will be extended by us with Artificial Intelligence”

#Vatican accepts #BigBang and #Evolution and tried to integrate them inside #Religion – the greatest breakthrough since “E pur si muove!” of Galileo Galilei

See movie with Pope Francis declaration in The Independent
The Independent article

His Holines Pope Francis – Thank you for starting to speak the language of all of us!

Original text
L’inizio del mondo non è opera del caos che deve a un altro la sua origine, ma deriva direttamente da un Principio supremo che crea per amore. Il Big-Bang, che oggi si pone all’origine del mondo, non contraddice l’intervento creatore divino ma lo esige. L’evoluzione nella natura non contrasta con la nozione di Creazione, perché l’evoluzione presuppone la creazione degli esseri che si evolvono

Original document
Original Vatican document

In 1881, the poet Mihai Eminescu, integrated the scientist visions of BigBang and Time Relativity into a long and nice poem called “Letter 1”

“Suddenly a dot is moving, first and single in attire,
It makes mother out of chaos and itself becomes the sire.
Tiny spot in constant motion, weaker than a drop of foam,
Is the master without limits over all world’s borders home,”
Mihai Eminescu, Letter 1, 1881

See the whole poem translated here

Dorin Ionescu, September 2017, Rome

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