Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2019 – Bad roumours about the show do not verify on the spot

“In the long run, Darwin will always help organised religious people against the one that just wanna have fun”  Dorin Ionescu

Enjoy a 8 hours video playlist from Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo Carnivals 2019

I was prepared by rumors to land in a land of evil, but in fact, I landed in a factory with people working hard to do an annual show, better and better each year.
I did not see any of the bad things that people are talking about, during my 6 day trip to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
I only saw people walking for miles with their big bags with costumes, because the street where closed for cars during the Carnival
Then they had to enter in formation and walk again around the very, very long Sambodrom area to get in formation and then again to get their formation through the dancing arena of the Sambodrom
I only saw people working very hard for an incredible beautiful show – I do not know where should they have time or energy for anything else.
They prepared all year for this event, why should they spoil it with other activities (which I did not saw) ?
I saw a lot of police at every 200 meters, protecting thousands of tourists around The Rio de Janeiro Sambodrome and Sao Paulo Sambodrome.
I saw artists preparing good music and costumes for their one year only show. After you will look into the lyrics below, of some of the songs, you will realize they are just working people looking for love and happiness.
Statistically speaking, if there are more incidents during this period is because everybody is in holiday in one place, having more than one beer. This incidents happens at all long period concerts (2-3 + days) all around the world. I did not found more bad things that I found in other countries.
Poverty creates incidents, not The Carnival, and a good show can attract money and reduce poverty.

Enjoy Lyrics and Studio Recordings

Quem me viu chorar
Vai me ver sorrir
Pode acreditar, o amor está aqui
Viraviradouro iluminou
O brilho no olhar voltou

I will come back here with more details, because it is a long story

  1. Victoria Secret is copying this show in capitals all around the world, employed Brazilian models, and is not criticized with this kind of words. How honest are we when we act with duplicity ?

2. Do not forget that the families of these people where kidnapped from their own towns by countries that now give lessons of religion and honesty to Brasil. Usually they steal even the land their are bringing the slaves, kill the locals and then build churches ant teach us honesty from 2000 years old books. As my grand and grand-grand parents where priests I saw the books (there are tens not one) and listen to the stories, and there is no such bad words like the ones that are used today. I think that some people  enter the churches with a bad luggage into their brain and nobody really heal them. Neither their religious neither science made them better persons.
3. In the long run Darwin will always help organised religious people against the one that just wanna have fun
If we would wrote the same messages to their religious sites, we will be qualified as heretics and be excommunicated from churches and cemeteries
Why we let them write on our boards ? Freedom of speech ? We all hope to convert one another to our own beliefs ?



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